We are happy to accommodate any special seating needs. Seating for our patrons who use wheelchairs is available with ten days advance notice. Please call 561-655-2657

Symphony Etiquette

Each performance offers spirited and inspiring experiences that create perfect ambiances to each unique performance venue. The following information will help ensure that your visit and concert experience is enjoyable for you and all other concertgoers.


• Check your ticket or this page to confirm the time of the concert. Performance times vary.
• Doors open half an hour before performance.
• Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to start of performance to allow enough time to familiarize yourself with the venue, find your seats, and prepare for the performance.


Semi-formal attire is recommended for concert attendees.

Late Seating
Late seating will take place between movements, between pieces, or at intermission.

During the Performance

• Once the performance begins, we ask that you don’t talk, whisper, sing, hum, use your cell phone, or shuffle your belongings.
• Please be considerate to the performers and to others in the audience by refraining from activities that make noise or cause a disturbance, or disrupt others’ ability to have a pleasant concert experience.
• Please refrain from entering and exiting the hall while a performance is in progress.
• In case of emergency, please proceed quickly and quietly to the nearest ushers for assistance. Ushers will be stationed at the entrances and exits.

Electronic Devices

• Be sure to silence and dim your cellular phone and all other electronic devices during symphony performances.
• Cameras and recording equipment are prohibited during symphony performances.


Please applaud only at the close of a full piece of music. The program will list all pieces being performed with their individual movements. The program notes can aid you in following the progress of the performance through each individual piece being played and determine the appropriate moments to applaud.


Intermission occurs during the halfway point of a performance, and last for approximately 15 minutes.

Cameras/Recording Equipment

Camera and recording equipment are prohibited during symphony performances.


Smoking is prohibited during symphony performances in all venue locations.

Program Notes

IMG-45Program notes for upcoming season will be located with concert information on our event pages or below when available.