Palm Beach Symphony donates the first acoustic piano in school history to Binks Elementary in Wellington.

Palm Beach Symphony pays it forward by making it a gift to the music department of Binks Elementary.


WELLINGTON, FL (October 8, 2016) – Palm Beach Symphony had the wonderful experience of seeing its educational outreach in action last Tuesday, October 4, at Binks Forest Elementary School in Wellington, FL. Binks Forest Elementary is a very unique school that takes great interest in music education. It was for this purpose that the Principal, Michella Levy, was able to write for a $40,000 grant from the Knight Foundation and won it last year. They aren’t an arts school but since she has taken so much care in Palm Beach County’s STEAM program (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics she has facilitated some amazing educational advances for the school such as purchasing iPads for all music students.


Through the buzz around the Symphony’s Instrument Refurbishment project, Binks Elementary had reached out requesting an acoustic piano, as their only electric piano had just been broken beyond repair. PBS promptly responded and donated an instrument to this arts-focused school within a week!


Executive director, David McClymont, was welcomed with an exclusive piano performance by three 5th graders and an audience of kindergarteners. After the performance the class, their very involved and dedicated principal, Michella Levy, with the assistance of the school’s music teacher, presented David with over 20 thank you notes to say thank you to Palm Beach Symphony for gifting them with the only acoustic piano the school has ever had!

How beautiful to see true philanthropy take flight and it gave PBS the drive to only want to do more for the great community of Palm Beach County.


Photo Link/ Photo credit: Kristen Noffsinger




Founded in 1974, the mission of the Palm Beach Symphony is to engage, educate and entertain the greater community of the Palm Beaches through live performances of inspiring orchestral music. The Symphony performs in a variety of historically important venues including Bethesda-By-The-Sea, Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, Mar-a-Lago and The Society of the Four Arts.

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