Concert Reviews

2015-2016 SEASON

Powerful Prokofiev, Bernstein from Boston Brass, PB Symphony – 1.16.16

Cellist Peled gives exceptional tribute to Casals at PB Symphony – 12.13.15

Cellist gives beautiful homage to late musician – 12.9.15

2014-2015 SEASON

PB Symphony and Astanova end season in magnificent Russian style – 3.23.15

Symphony, soloist shine in Russian concert – 3.20.15

Symphony’s Bach concert a masterpiece – 2.24.15

An impressive night of second symphonies for PB Symphony – 2.1.15

Palm Beach Symphony Achieves Balance in Finale – 1.30.15

Magnificent Bruckner was PB Symphony at its best – 1.8.15

The future is now: Concert one of symphony’s finest – 1.7.15

A refined Chopin from Anievas at PB Symphony – 12.7.14

Palm Beach Symphony offers uneven rewards at Four Arts – 12.4.14

2013-2014 SEASON

PB Symphony finale shows Tebar’s orchestra-building success – 4.12.14

Strong Brahms, radiant Chopin at PB Symphony– 3.24.14

A ‘very fine’ world premiere at PBSO – Palm Beach Arts Paper 2.10.14

Palm Beach Symphony’s brass, percussion players shine – Palm Beach Daily News 2.5.14

Soloist, orchestra, conductor soldier on during a deluge  – Palm Beach Arts Paper 1.16.14

Palm Beach Symphony stellar, even with rain – Palm Beach Daily News 1.13.14

Symphony in fine form – Palm Beach Arts Paper 12.6.13

2012-2013 SEASON

PB Symphony’s Spanish evening ends season sensationally – Palm Beach Arts Papers 4.12.13

Symphony, guest give rousing performances – Palm Beach Daily News 4.10.13

At the symphony II: Tenor joins returning performers for PB Symphony gala– Palm Beach Arts Paper 4.1.2013

Elegant setting enhances richness of Beethoven– Palm Beach ArtsPaper 3.6.2013

Symphony performance matches the setting – Palm Beach Daily News 3.3.2013

PB Symphony beautifully evokes intimacy of Viennese chamber society – Palm Beach ArtsPaper 2.21.13

Bethesda Viennese Concert – Palm Beach Daily News 2.20.13

Review: Palm Beach Symphony’s lighter works a delight – Palm Beach Daily News – 12.11.12

Palm Beach Symphony season opens with high spirits, powerful playing – Palm Beach Arts Paper – 12.10.12

2011-2012 SEASON

Astanova, Ling lead Symphony to sparkling season finale – Palm Beach Arts Paper – 4.12.12

Palm Beach Symphony Delivers heroic concert of Tchaikovsky, Dvorak – Palm Beach Daily News – 4.11.12

PB Symphony music in the round a great success – Palm Beach Arts Paper – 3.5.12

Palm Beach Symphony captures beauty of Haydn’s last Symphony – Palm Beach Daily News – 3.9.12

Palm Beach Symphony’s problems with ‘New World Symphony’ go away in Tchaikovsky’s ‘Fourth’ – Palm Beach Daily News – 1.13.12

Under Tebar, Palm Beach Symphony makes big strides – Palm Beach Arts Paper – 12.10.11

Palm Beach Symphony sparkles, from Mozart’s Last to Beethoven’s First – Palm Beach Daily News – 12.9.11

2010-2011 SEASON

Palm Beach Symphony and pianist Lola Astanova give powerhouse performance at Flagler – Palm Beach Daily News – 3.30.11

Palm Beach Symphony superb in Haydn, Stravinsky and Mendelssohn program; solos exquisite – Palm Beach Daily News – 3.18.11

Reviews in brief: Fine new music for cello; PB Symphony charms; Delray Quartet advances – Palm Beach Arts Paper – 12.29.10

2009-2010 SEASON

Palm Beach Symphony, soloists, chorus capture choral sound in Austrian Catholic tradition – Palm Beach Daily News – 4.13.10

Palm Beach Symphony delivers mostly fine, imaginative concert – Palm Beach Daily News – 2.17.10

Union of ‘Battleship Potemkin’ film, Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra music enriching – Palm Beach Daily News – 1.15.10

Conductor Tebar impressive in PB Symphony evening – Palm Beach Arts Paper – 12.16.09

Palm Beach Symphony rises on performances by winds, oboe soloist – Palm Beach Daily News – 12.16.09

Ramon Tebar, Palm Beach Symphony conductor, a rising star – Palm Beach Daily News – 12.13.09