A planned gift to the Palm Beach Symphony shows your strong commitment to continuing a tradition of classical music in Palm Beach. You will be able to support the PBS’s mission for future generations while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals. There are considerable benefits to making a planned gift with the PBS: you may increase the size of your estate, and/or reduce the tax strain on your heirs. Making a contribution to the symphony will be beneficial to you, your family, and YOUR ORCHESTRA.


Carry on your generosity into the future!

You can protect your assets, provide for your family, and guarantee your income for life. You can ensure the financial future of the PBS with a gift that costs you nothing now (through a charitable bequest under your will).

Six ways to make a planned gift.

Click below to learn about one of the six basic ways to make a planned gift.

plannedgivingimage1Continue to support the PBS’s future with a gift that costs you nothing now.

plannedgivingimage2Preserve income for yourself and those you love while supporting the PBS.

plannedgivingimage3Plan for your heirs and provide them benefits for their future with a lead trust that benefits the PBS now.

plannedgivingimage4Make a significant gift to the PBS with your retirement-plan.

plannedgivingimage5An estate note is an irrevocable pledge or debt against the donor’s estate.

plannedgivingimage6Did you know there are more ways to support the PBS, other than cash? You can give assets such as stocks which often offer you additional tax savings.

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